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Our philosophy

70 years ago Lanco already believed in sustainability and the environment. We have been pioneers in terms of ecology and social responsibility. We are the oldest natural latex toy company.

Art and nature united in a toy

Lanco® Toys is a family business founded in 1952 in Barcelona: we are the first European manufacturers of natural latex toys.

Our founder and grandfather, Alfredo Benet Domingo, an artist and with great sensitivity towards children, fell in love with natural rubber.

As a painter, he was captivated by the creative possibilities and craftsmanship of natural rubber. She found its softness and elasticity magical and loved the fact that it had a natural life: it leaves no mark on the planet for future generations.

Craftsmen who take the time

Natural rubber teaches and inspires us: its properties require an artisan approach, respect for the times of nature and an understanding of imperfection as part of everything that lives.

From plaster molds to toy decoration: artisan hands carry out every step. Each toy is unique and unrepeatable, as we humans are.

Natural rubber: a better world

From the hevea tree, to your baby

Lanco Toys are made exclusively from pure natural rubber. This natural material comes from Hevea brasiliensis tree plantations located in Malaysia.

Some small cuts are made in the surface of the tree trunks to allow the sap to drain out. This white sap is collected in cups and is transformed into solid toys through the use of plaster molds and the natural heat of the sun.

We love natural rubber for being an alternative to plastic – rubber breaks down naturally and can be reused to make new products. Lanco Toys follow the life process, like everything created by nature.

Toys with life, for our babies, for their future

Sustainability is our commitment from our origins: how can we offer toys to our babies and at the same time be committed to their future?

Artisans and nature are our creators; we respect and care for them.

80% of our team has been with us for more than 20 years. Women are our protagonists and make up 64% of the Lanco Toys family.

Our production process uses hands rather than machinery and only includes biodegradable materials: natural rubber and mineral plaster molds. Our plastic-free packaging is made from 100% recycled cardboard materials.

Welcome to our world and thank you for being part of the Lanco Toys family.

Child Development

Since 2018 we have collaborated with a team of clinical professionals dedicated to childhood to jointly design all of our new toys.

Wanatoy is a multidisciplinary team of professionals that works day by day with the child population, from 0 to 6 years old. The clinical experience of this team brings an important added value to our toys.

Each design takes into account aspects such as the type of grip, thickness, textures and colors to enhance different abilities depending on the type of toy we offer. In this way we favor experimentation as a basis for baby’s learning.

To promote child development, we combine Lanco’s artistic design capacity and Wanatoy’s theoretical-clinical contribution. Once we have a defined design, we clinically test it with different children and babies, in this phase, the necessary changes are made to ensure the stimulation potential of each toy.

This new work methodology allows to give play and toys a fundamental value in the development and learning of children.

Children do not play to learn, they learn because they play.