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Passion for the sea

Following opassion for the sea, we have created the Kai Collection. Composed of carefully designed marine treasures. Our Asteroidea, Karacola, Concha andCoral are designed to discover the magic of our oceans.

Ideal asteethersand as toys for the bathtub where the baby will explore, have fun and learn about our seas. Being completely watertight, they can be submerged in water without the risk of water getting inside the toys.

A perfect partnership

Lanco Toys and Wanatoy have teamed up to develop the Kai Collection. The Wanatoy team is made up of professionals from the fields of neuropediatrics, psychology, neuropsychology, speech therapy and physiotherapy, experts in child development.

Their knowledge about the evolutionary needs of each stage of the baby, provide added value to our products.

Karacola | Kai Collection | Lanco Babies

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Koral | Kai Collection | Lanco Babies
Shell | Kai Collection | Lanco Babies
Asteroidea | Kai Collection | Lanco Babies
Karacola | Kai Collection | Lanco Babies

It is a collection inspired by nature, in which child development and sustainability play very important roles.

They are realistic designs that stimulate the baby with play and learning in addition to calming their gums.

Each design takes into account aspects such as the type of grip, thickness, textures and colors to enhance different abilities depending on the type of toy we offer. In this way we favor experimentation as a basis for the baby’s learning.