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Frequently Asked Questions

Here you have a selection of the most common doubts our clients have, but if you have any, you can contact us and we will be delighted to solve them.


Lanco has collaborated with Wanatoy to design different collections. Wanatoy is a team of professionals specialized in child development. Wanatoy sees toys and playtime as essential tools for children’s learning and development. Learn how Lanco toys are designed to stimulate baby’s development in sensory motor, cognitive and emotional areas.

We have several models that are designed to be a baby’s first toy, including the preemie. 10% of births in the world are premature. There are few clothes and diapers for these babies on the market. Toys did not exist for them.

With the Wanatoy team we think about being able to offer these parents and their family and friends a teether toy to accompany these little heroes. The lightness of these teethers and their easy grip make them very special and unique. The best gift for the newborn baby, including the premature baby.

Coco the cat and Kori the panda and his friends, Kimo the hippo, Nalu the tiger and Nui the penguin. They are very light, easy to grip, with contrasting colors that favor the baby’s visual development. They have ridges that months later will help calm your gums.

Avoid leaving the toy in direct sunlight for a long time: high temperature and prolonged exposure to sunlight can deteriorate the toy and alter its natural colors.

Do not sterilize.

Do not put them in fridge or freezer.

To keep your Lanco toy clean, all you need is cold water and mild soap. You can also use a toothbrush to scrub small crevices and crevices. Rinse well with cold water when done and pat dry with a towel.

All of our toys and baby teethers are airtight and ideal for playing in the bathtub with them.

No, as it is a natural product, it does not resist high temperatures.

They are natural like you, they are sanitized like you, with water and neutral soap.

Lanco toys can be offered from birth. All are hermetically sealed to prevent mold from forming inside. All toys are certified according to European safety requirements EN 71 Parts 1-2-3.

Lanco toys are made exclusively from pure natural rubber. This material comes from Hevea brasiliensis tree plantations located in Malaysia.

We love it for being an alternative to plastic: Lanco toys have a life, like everything created by nature, from their birth and life, until they decompose naturally and become part of the environment again.

We do not add any other material that alters its natural properties such as elasticity, softness and biodegradability.

Our toys are made entirely of natural rubber and free of: Nitrosamines, Phthalates, BBP, DBP and DEHP. We use food grade dyes to decorate our toys, which are free of cadmium, aluminum, cobalt, barium, lead, mercury, and selenium. Lanco toys are completely free of toxic components and are safe to chew or put in a child’s mouth.

Because they are made one by one, designed, produced, painted and embedded. The whole process is done by hand.

From plaster casts to toy decorations: a pair of artisan hands carry out every step. Each toy is unique and unrepeatable, as we humans are.

All Lanco toys are natural and biodegradable. Our production process is respectful with the ecology, structured in phases of manual work that leaves an insignificant footprint of contamination. We hope to encourage children to develop a connection with nature and art to build a sustainable society through the language of play.

All our toys are made of natural rubber, a very resistant material, but which can be affected by changes in temperature. Let it sit for a few hours and it should return to its original shape.

If the toy is new and you see that it has a small hole, send us a photo of the product indicating the date of purchase to:

It is a totally manual process. From the drawings of the first sketches, the molds made of plaster, to the painting of the last detail of the teether.

This is how it started 70 years ago and this is how we have continued. We believe and are faithful to our artisanal production model.

You can see the steps of our artisanal elaboration here.


Clean with a cloth slightly dampened in water and mild soap.

It is recommended not to submerge the Ducks from the Rubber Ducks Collection as they are not airtight.

They should not be sterilized or put in the dishwasher since they are a 100% natural rubber product.

Avoid leaving the toy in direct sunlight for a long time: high temperature and prolonged exposure to sunlight can deteriorate the toy and alter its natural colors.

It should not be sterilized.

It should not be put in the fridge or freezer.

Yes, but it should be noted that they are not hermetic like Lanco Baby products. And they are from 3 years.

They should be cleaned well inside if they get wet.


Our designs are made in Barcelona. Lanco Toys production continues in Morocco, a country with a long tradition of craftsmanship. The Lanco Morocco team has been with us for more than 20 years. We create job opportunities for women, redistributing income within the community.

Our production process uses hands rather than machinery and only includes biodegradable materials: natural rubber molds and mineral plaster. Our packaging is plastic free and made from 100% recycled cardboard.

Lanco Toys is a family business founded in 1952 in Barcelona: we are the first European manufacturers of natural rubber toys.

Alfredo Benet Domingo, was our father, grandfather and founder. In it the rare but fortunate combination of artist and commercial spirit was synthesized.

His inspiring motto: “Everything for a child’s smile” Alfredo Benet.

Currently the second and third generation are involved in the project.


At the moment we only ship to Spain, including the Balearic Islands, the Canary Islands, Ceuta and Melilla.

We will ship to the rest of Europe soon.

In Spain, shipping is free on all orders over € 24 to Spain (ex. Balearic Islands, Ceuta, Melilla and Canary Islands).

Orders to peninsula Spain less than € 24 will have a fixed shipping cost of € 4.99 + VAT applicable in Spain.

Spain and Portugal: If the delivery address is in Spain (peninsula) or Portugal, the order will be delivered in a maximum of approximately 96 working hours, with the exception of the Balearic Islands, the Canary Islands, Ceuta, Melilla, Madeira and Azores where it will be delivered in a maximum of 10 business days approximately.

European Union: For European Union countries, delivery will be made in a maximum of approximately 10 business days.

Rest of the world: For countries outside the European Union, delivery will take between 6-12 business days approximately. * Transit time to the Customs office of destination. Orders received during the weekend or holidays will be processed the next business day. The packages will be sent through our transport agency, this being the only way of delivery and delivery to post office boxes is not possible.

If after 20 days from the purchase of your product it still has not arrived, please, write to providing the information about your order.

The return of the product must be made within a maximum period of 30 days from the date of receipt. Only products purchased in this online store can be returned.

Contact our Customer Service department to manage the return. You can do so by sending an email to The hours of operation are from Monday to Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. (GMT + 1).

Requesting a return from our Customer Service department within a period of 30 days from the date of receipt, the return costs will be borne by Garbep S.A.; If the customer does it by their own means, they will not be able to claim the refund of the amount of the transport used by the customer to make the return.

The product must be returned in the same conditions and packaging in which it was received. If you no longer have the original packaging, you must replace it with one of similar sizes and capacities.

After receiving the products in our warehouse and verifying that they are in correct conditions, we will pay you the amount paid for the product within 10 business days, in the same way in which you made the purchase.

For more information or any clarification regarding the exchange and return policy, contact our Customer Service department via the email or telephone indicated above.

Returns are always free, the customer, however, will bear the shipping costs.

We only accept payments made by credit or debit card (Visa, Visa Electron, MasterCard or AMEX).

Payments by check or bank transfer are not accepted.

Yes, the data is transmitted in SSL encrypted form. The payment system will be made through a secure payment gateway.