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Gaia Collection

Kori the panda | Gaia Collection | Lanco Babies

Since the first day

The Gaia Collection is inspired by nature and is a tribute to the animal world. With this collection we want to enhance the value of ecology, therefore the chosen animals are specimens at risk or in danger of extinction. Lanco’s ecological values go hand in hand with the design and theme of this collection.

It is made up of four beautiful teethers: Kori the Panda, Nalu the Tiger, Nui the Penguin and Kimo the Hippopotamus.

They are teethers designed for babies from their first days, thanks to their lightness and easy grip.

A perfect partnership

Lanco Toys and Wanatoy have teamed up to develop the Gaia Collection. The Wanatoy team is made up of professionals from the fields of neuropediatrics, psychology, neuropsychology, speech therapy and physiotherapy, experts in child development.

Their knowledge about the evolutionary needs of each stage of the baby, provide added value to our products.

Nalu the Tiger | Gaia Collection | Lanco Babies

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Each design takes into account aspects such as the type of grip, thickness, textures and colors to enhance different abilities depending on the type of toy we offer. In this way we favor experimentation as a basis for the baby’s learning.