Floco Collection

Bombi | Floco Collection | Lanco Babies

A touch of delicacy

The Floco Collection is a beautiful collection full of tenderness and delicacy. They are teether toys inspired by the animal world.

The Floco Collection is ideal for promoting symbolic play, facilitating the development of vocabulary and imagination through play.

They are ideal for playing in water, as they have no holes and therefore are free of mould and bacteria.

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The Floco Collection is our sweetest collection for the sweetest babies.

Bombi | Floco Collection | Lanco Babies
Bombi | Floco Collection | Lanco Babies
Mini Fox | Floco Collection | Lanco Babies

Each design takes into account aspects such as the type of grip, thickness, textures and colors to enhance different abilities depending on the type of toy we offer. In this way we favor experimentation as a basis for the baby’s learning.