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Autumn is a teether in the shape of a botanical plant called Platanus hispánica, reminiscent of the banana leaf when they fall in autumn. With it, we want to convey appreciation and curiosity for nature.

Its touch is rough and with many textures to stimulate the baby’s gums, with cheerful colors that attract the attention of the little ones.

The set of real textures of the leaf are an interesting world of exploration for the baby, in addition, due to its proximity to a real leaf, we can start the symbolic game from a young age.

It is a completely watertight teether which can be submerged in water without the risk of water getting inside, keeping it free from mold and bacteria. It is made and painted by hand, of natural rubber and natural pigments, completely biodegradable and sustainable.

Lanco Toys and Wanatoy have teamed up to develop this collection. The Wanatoy team is made up of professionals from the fields of neuropediatrics, psychology, neuropsychology, speech therapy and physiotherapy, experts in child development.




11,5 x 12,5 x 0,8 cm



Handmade by Lanco, in natural rubber, completely biodegradable and sustainable. Completely free of toxic components and safe if placed in a child’s mouth or chewed.

Each toy is handmade, so all Lanco toys are unique and unrepeatable, just like humans are.

All of our toys are hermetically sealed to prevent mold from forming inside the toy.

All toys are certified according to European safety requirements EN 71 Parts 1-2-3.


Avoid leaving the toy in direct sunlight for a long time: high temperature and prolonged exposure to sunlight can deteriorate the toy and alter its natural colors.

It should not be sterilized.

It should not be put in the refrigerator or freezer.

To clean your Lanco toy and keep it clean and safe, you just have to wet it with water and wash it with neutral soap. Our toys are 100% natural like you and wash like you.